Flexible V Taper Endo Hand Files With Shape Memory S1 Size ISO Approval

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: Feihuan
Certification: CE / ISO / FDA / FSC
Model Number: S1
Minimum Order Quantity: negotiatable
Price: negotiatable
Packaging Details: 6 pcs/packing , single & assorted
Delivery Time: 10-15 working days after received the payment
Payment Terms: T/T, MoneyGram, Western Union
Supply Ability: 500,000 pcs / month
Detail Information
Product Name: NITI MTF Handuse(PROTAPER Compatible) Size: S1
Certification: CE / ISO / FDA / FSC Material: Nickel Titanium
Color: Assorted Packing: 6 Pcs/box
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nickel titanium endodontic files


endodontic hand instruments

Product Description

ISO Endodontic Hand Files / Flexible V Taper Endo Files With Shape Memory
NITI Super Files Hand Use Root Canal Instruments ISO Used for Dental Size S1

TorqueSX3.0 N/CM
S13.0 N/CM
S21.0 N/CM
T11.5 N/CM
T22.0 N/CM
T32.0 N/CM
T42.0 N/CM
T52.0 N/CM
Rotary Speed RangeSX325-375 RMP
S1325-375 RMP
S2325-375 RMP
F1325-375 RMP
F2325-375 RMP
F3325-375 RMP
F4325-375 RMP
F5325-375 RMP
ISO ColorSXYellow
Using TimesSX8-10 times
S110-12 times
S210-12 times
F18-10 times
F212-15 times
F312-15 times
F412-15 times
F512-15 times
Cross SectionTriangle

NITI Super Files is the multiple tapered instrument. With exclusive multiple taper design which is different from normal Endo Files. Super Files make canal shaping easier, safer, faster, and more efficient.
1. Shaping Files(SX,S1,S2):Using SX to make the formation of crown and short root canal, preparation the upper 1/3 root canal with S1, S2 for middle 1/3 root canal preparation.
2. Finishing Files〈F1,F2,F3〉:All used for the formation of 1/3 root canal tip.
Operation Sequence:
1. Establishing linear channel , cleaning the canal with sodium hypochlorite
2. Detect the root canal Using #10, #15 SSK file
3. Makes the formation of crown with SX and create the canal path (cleaning with Sodium Hypochlorite )
4. Preparation the upper 1/3 crown with S1 , flush canal with sodium hypochlorite solution (STDN ) after getting it out
5. Using the same rotary method to the working length with S2 , and flush canal with sodium hypochlorite solution (STDN )
6. Using F1 to the working length , which could make a smooth connect between the 1/3 canal tip and middle 1/3 canal
7. F2 to the working length and using #25 K files to measure the diameter of apical foramina , which indicating finished the preparation and it could be filled if it is loose
8. Using the F3 to the working length if you didn't feel loose when using the #25 K files.
1. Only skilled dentists are allowed to use.
2. Be sure to sterilize this product for each use.
3. Do not use this product except for the dental service and treatment. Use it in accordance with the intended use.
<Precautions for use>
1. To prevent infection, sterilize the product by autoclave and make sure
sterilization is completed before using.
2. Choose the most appropriate type for each case and follow the general
3. Before using, make sure the instruments outside of dental cavity that
there are no deformations, scratches and cracks.
4. If the head of product is thin, long or large, there are possibilities for
breaking or twisting. Because of this, be sure to avoid using
unreasonable angle and excessive pressure.
5. Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from damage. Also, wear a
dust protective mask to prevent inhaling dust.
6. Wear rubber dam etc. to avoid accidental ingestion and falling.
7. Do not use this instrument for any purposes except for listed
applications above.
8. Only for use by dentists.
9. After using, follow an appropriate treatment as medical waste.
10. Dispose the product if damaged or contaminated.
11. After using, wash it with medical cleaning agent and brush, then
wash away foreign substances like adherent body fluids and body
12. Set the product to a stand when cleaned by ultrasonic cleaner to avoid
working part deterioration.
13. Use this product with great care to avoid puncturing fingers because
of its possession of sharp-edged part.
<Storages and duration of use>
1. Avoid storing at high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight.
Keep liquids away. Store it at room temperature.
2. Do not damage or make a pinhole to packaging materials.
3. Do not keep under germicidal lamp to avoid deterioration.
<Maintenances and inspections>
1. Sterilize this product by autoclave under established method and
term for each use.
Method of sterilization:
Put this product in a sterilization pack or (or foil) and place it on a
sterilization tray, or files stand for autoclave sterilization with
reference to the following terms.
Terms for sterilization:
term(1) temperature: 121degrees Celsius time: 20 minutes or more
term(2) temperature: 126degrees Celsius time: 15 minutes or more
2. Do not use high pressure steam sterilizer which heats more than 200
degrees Celsius including drying process.
3. When reusing the instrument, wash away foreign substances
completely and sterilize.
4. Regarding use of medical cleaning agent, follow the instruction
manual by its manufacturer strictly.
5. Dispose the product if damaged or decreased in performance
1. Minimum packaging unit: 6 pcs. /package (SX,S1,S2,F1,F2,F3,F4,F5)
2. Assortment: 1 pc. from each size/package (SX-F3)
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Competitive Advantage:
Root canal preparation is one of the most important factor in RCT. Flexibility and shape memory of NiTi instrument, to improve preparation efficiency and reduce fatigue.
To know NiTi feature and cross section design well ,which can get a better understanding about instrument performance and do the best choice.
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